Sponsors & donations

The school survives on donations, so any contribute you can give is important. No donation is too small or too big !

One euro can provide meals for one student per day !! We are looking for donnors to maintain education and build new rooms each year (because each year, new students are coming, so we need one class room, one bedroom, and two bath rooms more).

Une future élève de Bodhgaya

What is a sponsor ?

Sponsor means to be a godfather or a god mother for a child. The sponsor help of course with money (to sponsor a child : 25 euros/month ; to sponsor the school from 5 euros/month) but also psychologically. Indeed, it’s very important for the child to have someone who trusts him and believes in his succes. Moreover, for the god father it’s like a new part of family and you have the great feeling to make a child happy ! Contact for more details !

To sponsor a girl :

Your 25 euros will pay food, education and materiel, doctor  (if she needs) and staff’s salaries.
We aim for sponsors who can contribute for five years (to cover the primary school and to don’t put in danger their scolarity) but any contribute is important and helps a lot !
You will get from your god daughter letters, drawings, schools reports (each end of trimester) and you are of course very welcome to visit her at school !

To sponsor the school :

Your contribution will help to improve the environment and build new rooms (we need every year).

What we need in urgent…

  • One Room construction : 2 500 euros
  • Generator electric : 600 euros
  • Computer (for the office) : 500 euros
  • Furniture for one bed room : 350 euros
  • Furniture for one class room : 400 euros
  • Uniformes for students (15 pces per year) : 250 euros
  • TV for students’ entertainment :  200 euros
  • Music systems : 200 euros
  • Kitchen materiels
  • A cow (we need milk every morning for girls and we can sell the rest and because it’s holly) : 400 euros
  • A motobike (a bus will be a dream, but a motobike to cover emergencies will be ok to start) : 1 000 euros

NB : Please note those rates are variable